A true booster that accelerates the processes that are essential to a plants development by awakening the metabolic rate of the plant.

Many plant nutrients claim to be, or use the word ‘Booster’ in their name, but there are actually very few true boosters on the market today. True boosters actually contain little or no nutrient, but are made up of carbohydrates created from fermented plant extracts. These literally boost your plants metabolism, thereby increasing the uptake of all the other lovely goodness you provide for your plant. Cleverly, this in turn intensifies the production of the essential oils and resins that a plant requires when fruiting, strengthens the plant’s immune system and boosts a whole host of other beneficial processes.

Mother Earth is compatible with any food range. Add to any feed schedule at the rates shown in the feed chart (link below).


Use from the first sign of flower at 1-2ml per litre.

Available in 1L, 5L and 10L.