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Learn more about who we are and how we’re helping growers and hobbyists across the UK to grow their favourite foods, vegetables, plants and fruits.

about us & what we do

Our Story
The first Mother Pukka bottle, to grace the UK growing community with its presence, in 2013, was the Rocket Fuel nutrition bottle. All of our nutrient bottles are produced by Nature and Science Agriculture Ltd and developed by a partnership of scientists and organisations across the UK. 

In 2014, we made a partnership with a1mhydro.co.uk to exclusively distribute our game-changing nutrients to the growing community – since then, we’ve been a hit, selling over 120,000 bottles of Mother Pukka nutrients. 

Once 2019 came around, it was very clear that we were fast becoming the #1 choice for growers in the UK, so we decided to let others in on the action and launched our Free 100ml bottle scheme.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the industry exploded – making it clear that Mother Pukka products are a hit in the UK Growing Community.

Why we started Mother Pukka
Starting Mother Pukka was not a simple process. We spent years researching different nutrients, chemicals and products in the hydroponics industry – once we gathered all of our research and data, we teamed up with NASA Ltd, professors, scientists and labs across the UK to make the ultimate plant nutrition food available on the market. 

We found what was missing in standard nutrients and changed the game forever with our mega boosting, health increasing and weight enhancing formulas… the Mother of all Nutrients… Mother Pukka.

Why are you giving away free samples?
The Mother Pukka team decided in 2019, that our bottles were just too good to keep to ourselves, it’s only fair that we share the quality with everyone else… give others a taste of what our nutrients can do. Whilst its not a motherlode giveaway of gazillion litres, we think 100ml  should show you the difference, that over 10,000 customers have seen.

Daniel Matthews

mother pukka team

Our team has a combined 30 years of Hydroponics experience and really embedded themselves in the UK hydroponics industry and know what it means to have the right nutrients for the right plants.

If you have any questions about Mother Pukka products, feel free to reach out to us on our ‘contact us’ page.